3850 Martin Luther King, Destroyed by Fire Today

by Michael R. Allen

Here is a photograph from December 2009 showing the two-story commercial building at 3850 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive that was destroyed by fire this afternoon (at left here).  The building and its neighbors dated to the 19th century but were damaged in the tornado of 1927.  After the tornado, the owners rebuilt the front elevations in modern white bakery brick with green glazed brick accents.

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  • http://www.stl-style.com Jeff

    NO NO NO!!! MLK needs every building it has. This is a big loss for a fading urban avenue.

  • Adam

    NO! i was just admiring this one the other day on flickr… when is this crap going to stop!? was this arson for fun or arson to avoid paying taxes?

  • samizdat

    Sadly, it may have been arson by fireworks. Or, just another sad and criminal case of arson to avoid legal responsibilities.

  • DMB79

    Can anyone tell me where I can find anything on the history right next to this lot which is currently Atlas Supply?