Red Brick and Snow

Goodness, does a snowfall bring out the saturated red of St. Louis brick!

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  • Jeff

    Damn, it’s beautiful!

  • James

    The thing I miss most about winter in St. Louis: The postcard-perfect combination of brick, snow and powerlines!

  • Eric

    Thanks for the pick, Michael.

  • barbara

    A lovely shot of the old red brick buildings and snow. Is there a book on St. Louis historic brick? guess I’ll check Amazon. — barbara

  • John W.

    That’s Lynn Josse’s 2nd floor balcony.

  • Michael Allen

    Barbara: No book — yet. A film is coming out early in 2011, though.

  • Nina

    A question — and it really doesn’t apply to this photo, but I am curious. While driving through St. Louis this past fall, on I-70, on our way back home to Colorado, I saw a red and white brick tower…looked like some sort of bell tower, and it is obviously old. Does anyone know its name, and how old it is? Many thanks! I couldn’t find any reference to it via Google.