Historic Registration & Tax Credits

The Preservation Research Office will make the historic registration or tax credit certification process easy for you.  We have completed many successful registration and certification projects, and have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the process.


National Register of Historic Places Eligibility Assessment

Local, state, and federal incentives are available to those who qualify for the National Register of Historic Places.  We will help you to assess the historic and architectural significance of your building.


National Register of Historic Places Nomination (Single Sites, Districts, and District Expansion)

Each project is approached as a unique entity.  We thoroughly research the best way to represent and highlight the attributes of each property, multi-property site, or district during the nomination process.  We remain highly communicative with our clients throughout, to ensure that client goals are being met.


Federal and Missouri Rehabilitation Tax Credit Applications

In order to receive historic preservation tax credits, sites must be certified as historic and rehabilitations must follow certain measures.  This involved process requires close attention to detail.  PRO’s experienced historians know how the certification process works, and will help to ensure that you make a strong case in your request.


Local Landmark Nomination (Single Site and Historic District)

PRO will help to create a written description for your local landmark application that highlights historic significance.  We are experienced with the nomination process, and will ensure that everything is in order before you submit your application.


Local Historic District Design Guideline Preparation/Consultation

Historic districts have several moving parts to consider as they prepare for nomination.  The experts at PRO are adept at painting a comprehensive picture that is unique to your community, while ensuring that every detail of your descriptive nomination is evident.


Historic American Building Survey (HABS) Documentation

The National Park Service’s Historic Documentation Program is the Federal Government’s oldest preservation program, and makes its rich documentation available to citizens worldwide via the Library of Congress.  Let PRO’s experts guide you through this unique registration process.


Section 106

In the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA), Congress established a program to preserve the history and culture of our nation.  PRO’s cultural resource professionals have a thorough understanding of how Section 106 encourages preservation in our communities.


Certified Local Government Assistance

The Certified Local Government Program offers municipalities the opportunity to participate as partners in government preservation initiatives.  Contact PRO to find out more about the certification process.