House and Building Histories


Building/House History Reports

PRO understands the thrill of learning more about your home and the people who lived there.  Experienced in historic research, and well versed in utilizing all the resources at hand, the experts at PRO will take the work out of the process while providing all of the excitement.


Building Research or Recordation

Understanding the origins and historic significance of your property can have wide-reaching applications.  Contact PRO to learn more about how building research or recordation could benefit you.


Historic Site/Building Interpretation

Let the experts at PRO explain the nature and purpose of the components of your property in a historically accurate context.  Our certified experts can bring your site’s history to life.


Building Material Research

Perhaps it is not an entire building that you’re interested in, but merely the out-of-place mantle, ornate banister, mysterious unused pipes, or unique bricks of a building.  Bring PRO in to determine the origins and use of any building material.


Public Records Research

PRO’s experts are passionate about detailed and accurate research, and experienced in navigating public records.  Contact PRO to find out how they can help you with your public records research.