The Charles H. Ducker Residence (1896) at 3636 Page Boulevard is being demolished. The historic mansion lacked any protection under the city preservation ordinance.

The Charles H. Duncker Residence: A Falling Castle on Page Boulevard

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Cities Change, But Big Projects Remain the Same

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The 2006 restoration of the  Lucian Moore Residence (1883) in Detroit's depleted Brush Park Historic District is rightsizing too. Source: Andrew Jameson, Wikipedia Commons.

What Does “Right Size” Mean for Historic Preservation?

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Why is there a large Foursquare next to a a four-family on a "Place"? Come on the tour to find out!

TOUR 9/7: Reber Place in Southwest Garden

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The Sisyphean Footsteps of Northside Regeneration

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PRO on STL TV’s “City Corner” Program

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PRO TOUR: That Summer Fields Grew High: Agriculture & Architecture in St. Louis Place

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Thurman Station: Where It All Began For Me

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We Can’t Outlaw Water or Stupid Men (But We Still Can Preserve Buildings)

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SLAM. Photo by Jarred Gastreich

New at SLAM: Incredible Modern Art, Disappointing Chipperfield Architecture

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