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The Preservation Research Office (PRO) is an independent public architectural history and historic preservation company. We can be detectives, storytellers, builders and advocates. Our projects draw people not only to better steward and appreciate historic architecture, but also to recognize the inherent social capital of places and buildings.

PRO offers a full range of preservation services that can suit single buildings or entire neighborhoods. Among our larger projects have been surveys, historic district designations and public history projects in distressed neighborhoods that often have more vacant lots than buildings — but still tell important stories. Identifying, interpreting and preserving modern architecture is another strong focus of our work. We serve clients, and we undertake our own public projects.

Since 2009, PRO has aided city governments, homeowners, neighborhood associations, museums and developers. Most of PRO’s work has been in our home base of St. Louis, but we have completed projects in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. We are based on the brick-lined streets of St. Louis’ historic Gravois Park neighborhood.


Our Staff

Michael R. Allen / Director and Architectural Historian

Elyse McBride / Project Associate

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