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About Our Staff

The Preservation Research Office (PRO) works at the intersection of architectural history and cultural memory. We work mainly in the St. Louis area, but PRO has performed cultural resource management work in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

PRO is a historic preservation and architectural research firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. We provide services to individuals, neighborhoods, institutions and and governments dealing with the management of historic buildings and sites. Since PRO’s founding in 2009, our projects have drawn people not only to understand and appreciate historic architecture, but also to recognize its inherent social capital.

Among our projects are client-based cultural resources management and architectural research work.  This includes National Register of Historic Places nominations, historic tax credit applications, collaborative public interest projects, educational and interpretive work for regional institutions, publication of the blog, Ecology of Absence, and start-up assistance with the physical preservation of historic buildings. PRO maintains a sense of social responsibility. We select several pro bono projects each year, and our historians serve as volunteers and board members for preservation and neighborhood groups around St. Louis.

We also enjoy working with individuals and groups on unique historic preservation challenges.  House histories, speaking engagements, and guided tours can be among our most rewarding work because we are able to engage with the community’s imagination and passion for preservation.  See our services page for more information.

We also advocate for the preservation of historic architecture and policies that promote historic preservation and smart growth. However, our main activity is architectural and historical research that informs the actions of those who steward our built heritage.


Our Staff

Michael R. Allen / Director and Architectural Historian

Lindsey Derrington / Architectural Historian

Phil Fargason / Project Associate

Lynn M. Josse / Affiliated Architectural Historian

Tia Shepard / Research Assistant

Lydia Slocum, LEED AP / Principal Project Associate

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