Historic Tax Credits


Rehabilitation means embracing change.

At the Preservation Research Office, we spend many of our hours assisting clients secure historic tax credits. We have worked with small owner-occupied properties as well as large phased developments across Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. Our belief is that we are the client’s counselor, helping to demystify the regulations and helping to complete projects according to your vision, not lifeless application of review standards. The history of every building is evolving, and rehabilitation should not be a chiefly nostalgic enterprise. Rehabilitation should create functional and exciting spaces for modern life.

Initial Consultation

PRO starts with an initial consultation. We will determine whether your building qualifies for historic tax credits (if you are uncertain), explain the review process, visit your building, and offer a cost estimate.

IMG_1076The Application

We offer the entire suite of services needed to secure state and/or federal historic tax credits:

  • National Register of Historic Places nomination to make a property eligible;
  • Photographic documentation of existing conditions;
  • Development of work plan with client, architect and/or contractor;
  • Completion and submission of preliminary historic tax credit application (one application if you apply for both state and federal credits);
  • Creation of as-built floor plans for application purposes;
  • Provision of referrals for necessary services including architects and certified public accountants;
  • Site inspections to ensure contractor compliance with work plan;
  • Completion and submission of final historic tax credit application.

Clients can elect to contract for all or some of these services.

Other Tax Credits

In Missouri, rehabilitation projects producing single-family for-sale houses in qualified Census tracts are eligible for an annual allotment of the Neighborhood Preservation Act tax credit. PRO can include this application as part of our services.

To obtain rates for our services, please contact us at contact@preservationresearch.com or 314-920-5680.

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