S.P.O.R.E. Projects Call for Collaborators

S.P.O.R.E. Projects, sponsor of the mobile gallery pictured above, is the brainchild of the amazing and talented Emily Hemeyer. Emily is one of those people who makes things happen anywhere she goes, and the mobile gallery — a repurposed white minivan — potentially has extended her reach across the entire nation.  The thought of Emily reaching the entire nation is intriguing.  There are so many connections to make in St. Louis, between St. Louis and other places, and between people in other places –  and it seems that Emily is going to make as many of these happen as possible.   –Michael R. Allen

Send proposal to Emily at

Include in your proposal:
1. 3-5 jpegs of past work or website link
2. Concept outline. Including writing, drawings, video, and/or images.
3. List materials. These should be found, constructed or recycled.
4. Q- How the project will engage the community?

LOCATION: SPORE is presently located in St Louis, Missouri.

GALLERY MONTHS: Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Feb, March, April, May (off months- Dec, Jan, June, and July).

ARTIST RESIDENCY: We offer a communal 1-week residency w/ an “opening”, community share and/or performance for out-of-town artists and musicians. This includes studio access, housing, general materials, and use of a bike. Sliding scale donation of $50-$100 covers food, studio and housing costs.

MOBILE COLLABORATION: SPORE relishes collaborations in other communities. Exchanges can range from a weekend to short residencies.

NEEDS: Always accepting gifts of gas, maintenance, money, materials, and art for the archive. Currently looking for a projector and amplifier.