St. Louis Brick Film Nearing Completion

Bill Streeter is moving to the finish line for Brick By Chance and Fortune, his documentary on St. Louis brick. The completion date is scheduled to be October 15 for a premiere at the St. Louis International Film Festival in November.

This month’s issue of St. Louis Magazine included an article on the project by Stefene Russell (who as an Old North resident and Old North St.Louis Restoration Group board member is no stranger to the life and death of local brick); read “Bric(k)olage” to get the story on Bill’s wonderful project. Then watch the trailer here.

One reply on “St. Louis Brick Film Nearing Completion”

I am “EXTREMELY” excited about this event and am so looking forward to it and so much more for the north side. The longer we wait, stall, fail to realize the value of these precious jewels, the longer these diamonds in the rough lay prey to the elements and other “elements” … or brick rustlers. Everyone knows by now my platform is increase the population! As we increase the population, we also increase the number of individulas who would get on board and plug into city living and rehabbing.

A friend and I went into an LRA owned property just a little over a week ago. Yes, LRA IS the owner. It’s on a stable block in the Lindell Park area, where folks are eager to get on board. Yet it has sat VACANT for 20 years. The longer it sits, the more dollars it takes to invest in the jewel. Hopefully this documentary, positive NorthSide Regeneration action and people believing in an improved quality of life in our dear city will encorage others to get on board sooner, rather than later.

Not to mention the excitement that is building with the announcement, surprise, surprise, of the winner of the group to develop the Arch grounds. Looking forward to seeing the entire documentary. The trailer has definiitely wet my appetite. I’ve watched it only about ten tiomes…love the music!!! Forward march St. Louis development, forward march!

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