Chicago Rehabbing

Rehabbing in Chicago

by Michael R. Allen

While searching for information online about coping tiles and flat roofs on historic buildings — we are preparing to make the leap and add them to our building, which likely has never had them — I found very few resources.

No matter, because I stumbled upon the delightful Chicago Two-Flat, a rehab chronicle that deals with one couple’s efforts to restore one of the blog’s namesakes. Their effort is further along than our own, replete with permanent roof, floors one can walk across with bare feet and other comforts. However, their detailed and compelling accounts of the little projects that always overtake any notion of “completion” are so true to life that I can’t stop myself from reading despite being in a much more rudimentary stage of rehabbing.

I’m astounded to find such a familiar project from Chicago, which doesn’t have the visible and well-organized do-it-yourself rehab community that St. Louis has. A relatively newer housing stock, higher prices and greater population density may keep Chicago from being a major rehab mecca that St. Louis has become, but that doesn’t mean no one there is trying. In fact, Chicago Two-Flat‘s blogroll offers links to other Chicago house blogs covering the twists and turns of taking old buildings into healthier lives.