Central West End Demolition Historic Preservation

Washington University Medical Center Plans to Demolish Ettrick Apartments

by Michael R. Allen

According to an article by Tim Woodcock in today’s West End Word, the Washington University Medical Center plans to demolish the historic Ettrick Apartments at the northwest corner of Euclid and Forest Park in the Central West End. The historic apartment building was built in 1905 and designed by A. Blair Ridington.

The demolition is part of a campus expansion plan that hinges on zoning overlay legislation sponsored by Ald. Joseph Roddy (D-17th).

One reply on “Washington University Medical Center Plans to Demolish Ettrick Apartments”

Whoever authorised the demolition of this historic building is clearly a philistine (of which Universities are full of these days) and his/her name should be registered on an architectural and heritage ‘holocaust’ register so that when those in the future ask who was responisble for destroying our heritage, those shameful people will be known. Clearly Washington University couldn’t give a damn about its heritage or the aesthetic of its campus.

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