Can You Find the National Historic Landmark?

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12 Responses to Can You Find the National Historic Landmark?

  1. Webby says:

    That would be the Wainwright building, top left.

  2. That spiral ramp will be added to the NHL list any day now.

  3. sideunes says:

    why is it almost surrounded by all those ugly buildings?

  4. Paul Hohmann says:

    I vote for the spiral ramp on the old FB garage too! I think we could use another garage.

  5. Alex Ihnen says:

    Gateway One? I didn’t think it was old enough to be eligible. By the way, are any of these parking garages meant for visitors visiting one of the other parking garages? This just makes no sense.

  6. GMichaud says:

    Help me out here Micheal, there was a building just north of the Wainwright building that was demolished to build the new State of Missouri complex. It was a beautiful building, just gorgeous, and in many ways as important as the Wainwright. (In my view). (along 7th street)
    The power of the brick arches along the street was amazing I remember. Issac?

  7. Anonymous says:

    That intersection is pathetic!

  8. GRTetley says:

    GMichaud, That was the DeMenil Building by Issac Taylor, torn down to make way for the new state office complex>

  9. PhilS says:

    Damn that Wainwright Building and those preservationists!
    If only we could tear it down too for a garage we might have enough parking for
    downtown. Because I’m sure you’ve heard, there isn’t enough parking downtown.


    There aren’t too many building implosions that I would
    enjoy but taking down at least one of those garages would be somewhat
    satisfying, especially if the ones to go were those fronting Chestnut and
    psychically oppressing any human happiness which might be enjoyed in Keiner
    Plaza. Though, I might change my mind if they would make that Hardee’s into a
    drive-though from the garage.


    I might title this also, “Spot the pedestrians”
    or “Can’t you just feel the vibrant pedestrian-scape from up here?”


  10. Kevin B says:

    In olden days, someone could pull into Kiener East at Broadway, cross one skywalk into Kiener West, then another skywalk into Famous Barr’s lot, then another (!) into Famous Barr itself before continuing further north through…you guessed it…another skywalk into the Gateway Mall then another into the Dillard’s building and then crossing a final skywalk into the America’s Center garage.

    That’s a whopping four garages for the parking price of one!! (and five if you make a quick jaunt east to he 6th street garage). And you never have to step out on a dirty, crime-ridden city sidewalk! Truly a marvel of modern planning and development…

  11. Goober says:

    yeah but look closely at the top of the spiral ramp in the foreground and ask yourself what Talking Heads hit circa 1987 does it remind you of?

  12. Urbanista says:

    My aunt, nearly 80 years old, just retired from the Wainwright.

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