Railway Exchange Building Idea Bounce

From RCGA:

The St Louis design community has a unique opportunity to brainstorm and collaborate. Macy’s downtown location is downsizing its footprint in the Railway Exchange Building, the 1,000,000 square foot former HQ for May Co./Famous Barr. Current owners RKMerlyn Development and Bruce Development are seeking ideas to develop several floors of the building, a space of 100,000 square feet! St Louis has a rich history in creative entrepreneurship, and we are seeking ideas on how this space may be utilized to create a dynamic, collaborative incubator for design ideas. The core may be an incubator for fashion designers, but who do you think could be included in that space to create a rich environment of creativity and collaboration?

The RCGA and Partnership for Downtown will host an “open house” in the space on Wednesday, December 1, from 5 – 8PM so you can get a feel for the history and possibilities of the space. Then on Wednesday, December 8, the Skandalaris Center will host a “Design in St Louis” IdeaBounce®. We invite you to post ideas for the space on When you do, check off “Design Entrepreneurship” in the industry box, and we will invite you to bounce your idea on December 8. All are welcome to both the open house and IdeaBounce®. On December 8 we will include an “open mic” period for people who may not have posted their idea on, but we encourage you to post to start to connect with the innovators and entrepreneurs who can help you get started.

No need to register for the Open House on December 1, but please do register for the December 8 IdeaBounce® at

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