Our Architecture at Large Scale: American City Opens Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, St. Louisans have the chance to view large-format versions of the dazzling and poignant images of American City: St. Louis Architecture: Three Centuries of Classic Design. Written by Robert Sharoff and photographed by Bill Zbaren, the volume is the first lushly illustrated monograph on St. Louis architecture since….well, ever. One has to reach back to John Albury Bryan’s masterful Missouri’s Contribution to American Architecture (1928) to find a volume connected to St. Louis’ built past close to the scope, reverence and beauty of this one.

We will review the volume and the exhibition shortly, but meantime wish to extend the invitation to the exhibition at the Missouri Botanical Garden opening tomorrow evening. Details follow. While the book’s format offers many page-size images, the photographs in the exhibition will be lavishly scaled. Don’t miss the opportunity!