Historic Preservation

Preservation and Richard Moe

by Michael R. Allen

This month’s issue of Architect includes an article by Brad McKee entitled “Futures of the Past”, which chronicles the evolution of the American preservation movement during the tenure of Richard Moe as President for the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Moe will be retiring this year.

St. Louis played a role in Moe’s tenure when Moe led the Trust to support demolition of the historic Century Building in downtown St. Louis. Many here may be most familiar with that aspect of a career that also has included a welcome de-centralization of the National Trust. Moe championed grassroots preservation efforts, and helped the Trust allocate resources to its Regional Offices and, through grants, to local organizations. One of the Trust’s best initiatives under Moe is the Partners in the Field program, which provides matching funding for state and local preservation organizations to create field representatives. Missouri Preservation took advantage of that program, and created such a new position in 2008.

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I don't confused — it seems like Moe did right by the foundation yet am I to understand he advocated demolition of a historic building in St Louis? I think I know Mr. Moe. Was he affiliated with Ohio State University at one time? — barbara

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