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A Hub is Born: UrbanSTL

by Michael R. Allen

With today’s publication of Toby Weiss’ excellent essay “Crying Over Spilt Milk: The Suburbs Happened, Get Over It!”, urbanSTL now has become the web hub for St. Louis region built environment news and commentary. Okay, this guest article goes along with regular blogging by Alex Ihnen, a blog aggregate feed, a rejuvenated Urban St. Louis Forum, a local urban Wiki, videos and many other features. The weaving, not the strands, make urbanSTL a central source.

Alex is the real spark behind this effort, and his dedication is such that he ceased publishing his own excellent St. Louis Urban Workshop to provide steady content for a new hub site. Last year, Alex sent out a call to bloggers for creating a portal into the ever-expanding sea of online content on development and architecture in the region. This blogger was too time-strapped to join the cause, but Toby and others have helped Alex bring the project to life. Bravo!

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Don't forget Dave Goldstick. Without him the site wouldn't function at all. He led the effort to migrate the forum and integrate the many components – the man behind the curtain you may say.

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