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State Court Ruling on the Admiral Hull

by Michael R. Allen

The state appeals court ruled today that the Missouri Gaming Commission acted “without sufficient process” when it ruled that Pinnacle Entertainments could “neither repair nor replace” the President Casino, better known as the S.S. Admiral. After considering plans as drastic as scrapping the modernist boat, Pinnacle has explored repairing the aging hull and possibly moving the Admiral to another location.

Model of the S.S. Admiral, collection of Antique Warehouse.

The Gaming Commission currently is trying to shut down the gambling boat by July — an effort not affected by today’s ruling. Still, the ruling helps Pinnacle make the case for repair. Hopefully today’s action helps keep a unique landmark afloat. Despite years of interior alteration, the exterior of the Admiral (built to current form in 1940) is as streamlined and sleek as ever. A little rehabilitation would make it shine! A new casino box built in a wetlands, after all, could not hold a candle to the swanky downtown Art Moderne riverboat.

5 replies on “State Court Ruling on the Admiral Hull”

so let me get this straight, Pinnacle WANTS to repair the hull (assuming w/o out altering the appearance) and the Gaming Commission said no?

what kind of asshat thinking is that?

The potential, and real threat to the Confluence area is still a worrisome and infuriating possibility.

1st anon here

samizdat: so was that what was being proposed – moving it up there? I'd heard there was a plan to build a new complex somewhere near Spanish Lake and all I could think was – what a recipe for disaster.

if the gaming commission's goal was to keep the casinos clumped, forming a district or strip then I'm in favor.

Daron: I prefer keeping the use of the Admiral in the realm of pleasure/recreation (the operator should consider restoring the engines – captive audiences pull more slots after all) but yes the NPS does run a few maritime collections.

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