Mid-Century Modern St. Louis County

Mid-Century Homes on the Market

by Michael R. Allen

The house at 1739 Ridgewood as “Five Star Home No. 2301” in Better Homes and Gardens, January 1953; scan from Modern Ridgewood.

The vagaries of the recession have impacted the market for mid-century homes locally and further afield. In Crestwood’s mid-century modern treasure trove Ridgewood, the house at 1739 Ridgewood is current for sale at quite a bargain price. This house has a unique pedigree: it was one of the first four display homes completed by Burton Duenke and the Ridgewood house photographed for Better Homes & Gardens and House + Home‘s 1953 articles on the Ridgewood subdivision.  (More St. Louis mid-century modern houses for sale can be found on the Modern STL website.)

Meanwhile, the New York Times‘ “Grist” column reports that two of Frank Lloyd Wright’s textile block houses in Los Angeles have sat on the market unsold. An offer on one of the houses comes from a buyer who wants to relocate the house to Japan!

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I think there is still a market for mid century homes for sale in Palm Springs especially. Although with well known designers like Frank Lloyd Wright a mid century home has a completely different value than some others. I have been looking at mid century homes in Palm Springs and think that some are more affordable than others, but you have to remember Palm Springs had a lot of great designers as well, so some of the house may be worth more than others depending on who designed it. I still haven’t found the perfect one yet, but am hopeful I will soon because I want to spend the winter in the fabulous Palm Springs weather.

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