An Election Day Wish

by Michael R. Allen

Only city that we know, we shall know you the same tomorrow. On your streets shall be the friends, strangers, houses and gardens that we cherish as the city of St. Louis. In our minds will be desires to make this home a better place. Our hands will be as ready for the hard work ahead as ever. No matter what happens to the candidates who promise to join us in the struggle, we shall continue unabated.

Let us not be misled by false prophets or opportunists, or see the need for our own labors and desires as the need to boost someone else’s fortune. Let us not hate the powerful, or extol those who would turn our dreams into weapons. Through our dreams we have the power to see this place as we wish. Allow our hearts to be open to great change, but humble enough to toil even if the next day be as dark as the one before.

We understand that politics is the way we treat our neighbors and our neighborhoods. Let that treatment stand as testament to the honor of this city’s people. Great river city, wash away our fears today.