Adaptive Reuse Mid-Century Modern South St. Louis

Bravo to SLU for Casa de Salud

by Michael R. Allen

Late last year, St. Louis University opened the Casa de Salud (House of Health, more or less), a clinic aimed at the city’s Latino population. The university made a smart move, choosing to house the clinic in a modest former auto parts building at the southwest corner of Compton and Chouteau. The building dates to the 1950s and is quintessentially modern. SLU’s renovation was basic, and left all of the mid-century features intact. The new sign is stylistically appropriate and provides some night time interest to a fairly dormant intersection. The old aluminum storefront system’s ample windows open the building up to the sidewalk, and at night provide a bright, colorful view. SLU took an existing building, retained and enhanced its architectural features and converted it to a new use. Bravo!