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Modernism in Motion on South Grand: The Hamiltonian Federal Savings and Loan Association Building

by Michael R. Allen Grand Avenue soon will feature two striking examples small modernist buildings imaginatively adapted for food-based businesses (the “flying saucer” at Council plaza hopefully needs no introduction here). South Grand’s lone glass box, the Hamiltonian Federal Savings … Continue reading

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For Sale, Cheap: Hole In Ground Where Historic Movie Theater Once Stood

by Michael R. Allen Lately, the unkempt stretch of dirt — not shown here, too bleak for the holiday season — where the Avalon Theater once stood has sported a for-sale sign with a slapped-on price of $125,000. That price … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never: Mothballing the Pevely Dairy

by Michael R. Allen Returning from trips out of town, I found that St. Louis University’s medical school had finally started mothballing the old Pevely Dairy Building. One year ago I wrote that Pevely was still usable and that the … Continue reading

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The Streamlined Standard Service Station in Shaw

by Michael R. Allen and Emily Kozlowski Preservation Research Office’s latest project was a sheer joy: preparation of a National Register of Historic Places nomination for the streamlined Thurman Station gas station in the Shaw neighborhood. Thurman Station is an … Continue reading

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The Mid-Century Modernism of Marcel Boulicault

by Michael R. Allen St. Louis architect Marcel Boulicault’s name probably is unfamiliar to you, but a few of his works will draw an “ah ha!” or two. Boulicault is a designer whose contributions to Modern architecture in St. Louis … Continue reading

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Painted Brick Aside, Bohemian Hill Rehab is Good for the City

by Michael R. Allen 1. We don’t like to see anyone paint brick (paint traps moisture and leads to deterioration of the bricks and mortar). 2. We don’t like to see anyone demolishing historic houses on Bohemian Hill (which happened … Continue reading

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Slow Modifications, Historic Preservation and the Closure of St. Elizabeth Academy

by Michael R. Allen The impending closure of Catholic girls’ school St. Elizabeth Academy revisits territory hotly debated in Tower Grove East two years ago, when the Academy threatened to demolish parts of its historic campus to make itself more … Continue reading

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Nothing Sustainable About Bohemian Hill Demolition

by Michael R. Allen On November 19, the Building Division issued a demolition permit for the historic house at the northwest corner of Soulard Avenue and Tucker Boulevard on Bohemian Hill. The Building Division paid over $7,000 for the demolition … Continue reading

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Out of Place Or Right At Home? Either Way, Allowable Under St. Louis’ Zoning Ordinance

by Michael R. Allen With change coming to the Sixth Ward aldermanic seat, perhaps it is timely to consider the new house at 2838-46 Lafayette Avenue in the Gate District. While the Gate District’s reconstruction has led to many new … Continue reading

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Signless and Separated, Pevely Dairy Building Still Reusable — and SLU Can Still Be the Hero

by Michael R. Allen Perhaps right now the Pevely Dairy Plant office building at the southwest corner of Grand and Chouteau seems like the back half of the Titanic, shorn from the rest of the ship and poised to sink … Continue reading

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