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Free Screening of "Beyond the Motor City" on Monday

“The old system hasn’t died, and the new system hasn’t been born yet,” says one of the subjects in Beyond the Motor City. He’s talking about urban transportation. Beyond the Motor City is a critical look at the intersection between … Continue reading

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Yamasaki, Inc. Closes

by Michael R. Allen The Detroit Free Press reports that Yamasaki, Inc. has closed. This is the end of one of modern architecture’s most illustrious American firms. Founded by Minoru Yamasaki in 1959, the firm’s name is found on the … Continue reading

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Looking Back at Gateway Village

by Michael R. Allen To some people, the current discussion about McEagle’s “NorthSide” project has roots in a project proposed for the same area 13 years ago: Gateway Village. Like “NorthSide,” Gateway Village involved a close relationship between a mayor … Continue reading

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Detroit City Council Members Play Structural Engineers

by Michael R. Allen If you think that the preservation system in St. Louis city government is screwed up, count your blessings. In Detroit, the City Council just passed a resolution calling for the emergency demolition of the landmark Michigan … Continue reading

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Detroit Park Sale Plan is Hasty

by Michael R. Allen The administration of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is proposing selling off 92 of the city’s 367 parks. Most of the parks on the sale list are pocket parks and small playgrounds, many of which are surrounded … Continue reading

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Detroit Ruins

by Michael R. Allen Photograph by Nicole Rork for Detroit Ruins. Used with permission. I want you to look at a website of photographs of abandoned places… I already sense the disinterest. Well, hear me out. I want you to … Continue reading

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World Series

by Michael R. Allen In how many academic debates on urban decline is the worst American case posed as a tossup between St. Louis and Detroit? Now that’s the World Series tossup, and things have changed as the nation’s eyes … Continue reading

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