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No Deadline for Building Stabilization in Northside Bill

Tomorrow the Housing, Urban Development and Zoning Committee of the Board of Aldermen will consider Board Bills 199 and 200, which pertain to Paul J. McKee Jr.’s Northside Regeneration project’s tax increment financing request. The committee meeting starts at 10:00 … Continue reading

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The Charles H. Duncker Residence: A Falling Castle on Page Boulevard

by Michael R. Allen In St. Louis, the city’s preservation ordinance creates review of demolition permits on architectural and historic merits only in designated districts. These districts are designated by aldermen and generally follow ward boundaries, although with redistricting and … Continue reading

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The Sisyphean Footsteps of Northside Regeneration

by Michael R. Allen Recently I read a newspaper article about a major urban development project that included these two sentences: “He received hundreds of millions of dollars in public cash and incentives. But after a long public review process, … Continue reading

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Questions for Northside Regeneration

by Michael R. Allen The Missouri Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling issued yesterday affirming the Northside Regeneration redevelopment ordinances means “we’re open for business,” in the words of company leader Paul J. McKee, Jr. Of course since Circuit Court Judge Robert … Continue reading

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Old Free Thinkers’ School Falling in St. Louis Place

by Emily Kozlowski A quick pass down North 20th Street gives a glimpse of an unassuming brick school house, surrounded by a concrete lot and a chain-link fence. In front of the building is a small market and behind it … Continue reading

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Seven Lost Buildings in Old North

by Michael R. Allen Last month my friend Emily Hemeyer invited me to contribute to a sprawling, wood-made installation called the Migratory Hive Project. The Migratory Hive Project was exhibited outdoors in Columbia, Missouri during the annual True/False Film Festival, … Continue reading

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The Cost of Northside Regeneration

In my latest St. Louis Public Radio commentary, “The Cost of Northside Regeneration”, I contrast the slow development of the St. Louis Place neighborhood after John O’Fallon and others filed the Union Addition plat in 1850 with the lumbering, subsidized … Continue reading

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The Mid-Century Modernism of Marcel Boulicault

by Michael R. Allen St. Louis architect Marcel Boulicault’s name probably is unfamiliar to you, but a few of his works will draw an “ah ha!” or two. Boulicault is a designer whose contributions to Modern architecture in St. Louis … Continue reading

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The Last Gasometer Falls, St. Louis Less Weird

by Michael R. Allen Ever-alert explorer and geographer Paul Fehler, one of the extraordinary producers behind The Pruitt-Igoe Myth altered me to the fact that something is happening to make St. Louis a whole lot less weird: our last gasometer … Continue reading

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Finding Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in St. Louis

by Michael R. Allen Our city’s enduring legacy to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. consists of the renamed Veterans Memorial Bridge (built 1951, renamed 1968) and the several-miles of combined Franklin and Easton avenues (renamed in 1968). The bridge is … Continue reading

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