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LoftWorks Wants to Hear from You

Kudos to Craig Heller and Loftworks for actually soliciting public comments for their redevelopment of the Syndicate Trust Building. I’m impressed that any developer is trying this hard to be responsive to the needs of the creative people who are the life’s blood of this city.


Loftworks LLC and the Sherman Associates (of Minneapolis) are developing the Syndicate Trust building downtown into lofts and are planning to include affordable housing, as well as common gallery and “dirty” work space, that will appeal to artists.

As they develop their plans, they’d like to have artist input. That’s where you come in. You don’t have to be a potential user of the housing — just someone who understands what artists of various types might want or need. The developers would like to hear your input so they can shape something that really serves the local arts community.

A focus group on Thursday, August 4 will allow them to hear perspectives from the artist community before they refine their plans. They’ll share floorplans and proposed plans for the common areas. Please join us:

WHAT: Artist Community Focus Group

WHEN: Thursday, August 4, 6 p.m.

WHERE: Gallery Urbis Orbis, 419 N. Tenth St.

WHAT ELSE: Refreshments (chewable and drinkable) will be provided.

RSVP via email by Wednesday to Margie at


Margie and Alan
Gallery Urbis Orbis