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Northside Regeneration and City Museum Now Neighbors

by Michael R. Allen

The big story this week is that Paul J. McKee Jr.’s Northside Regenation LLC filed a post-trial (well, post-ruling) request for a new trial to Judge Robert Dierker, Jr. The City of St. Louis apparently is joining the request. On July 2nd, Dierker invalidated the two city ordinances that constituted Northside Regeneration’s redevelopment agreement with the City of St. Louis.

Not mentioned in recent news reports is the fact that Northside Regeneration is still buying property for its project.  The most recent purchase brings Northside Regeneration’s holdings directly into downtown. On June 4, the company closed on a nearly $2 million purchase of a large parcel containing a warehouse building located at 1424 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive. (The parcel is highlighted on a Geo St. Louis map below.)

If that address is not familiar, its surroundings will be: the parcel is one block north of the City Museum, and for the last few years its parking lot has been home to a changing assortment of fire engines, school buses and even the original cupola of the City Hospital’s Administration Building.

One reply on “Northside Regeneration and City Museum Now Neighbors”

This is all good news. As we celebrate the growth of Old North, how can we NOT embrace the development of the contiguous land encompassing NSR. They are all natural fits. Folks know I am for all types of development. We need development that is going to bring people that will sustain viable businesses, that will give a tax base, that will give us good schools, which will give us communities with a good QUALITY OF LIFE, which starts the cycle all over again.

Hopefully, we are getting beyond the WHO and focusing on the WHAT. I’ve seen people applaud certain projects and hiss at other projects because of the WHO not the WHAT. Mind boggling to me. Forward march for progress! Next, we can get into talking PRESERVING lifestyles, we can preserve all the buildings we want, but if we don’t preserve people it’s all to naught. Must not leave out the people piece which we have for far too long. They go hand in hand.

Finally, was reminded of one of my theme songs yesterday, “WAKE UP EVERYBODY.” The words are insightful, “The world won’t get no better if we just let it be! Wake up all the builders time to build a new land, I know we can do it if we ALL lend a hand… Surely things will work out, THEY DO IT EVERY TIME. For those who believe, things will work out and we will all be celebrating continued growth of our dear city!

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