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Panel: Graffiti, Art or Vandalism?

Flood wall, south riverfront.
Thursday, February 3
Fort Gondo
3151 Cherokee Street
Saint Louis, MO
Doors open at 7:00 PM
Discussion begins at 7:30 PM

Graffiti is as old as civilization itself, with examples found thousands of years ago in the pyramids of ancient Egypt and the Roman city of Pompeii. In contemporary America, any resident or visitor to a city — or even small towns–will see graffiti covering overpasses, abandoned structures and the sides of buildings.

On February 3rd, we will host a panel discussion that asks the following questions:

Is graffiti a valid form of artistic or political expression?
Does graffiti contribute to a sense that a neighborhood is blighted?
Can graffiti be a positive influence on city life, or is it alwaysdetrimental?
Who decides what is good graffiti, and what is bad?
Can different sides of the graffiti debate come to a consensus on itsvalidity?

Please come to City Affair and contribute your opinions and questions. The panel discussion will be followed by a question and answer session from the audience. Doors open at 7:00 PM, discussion begins at 7:30.

Panelists include:

Pete Wollaeger, local artis, inventor of the “eyeball”
Angelo Olegna, “Mayor of Cherokee Street”
And addition panelists to be announced.

Sponsored by City Affair.

One reply on “Panel: Graffiti, Art or Vandalism?”

What an interesting subject — art in the eye of the beholder. I have traveled quite a bit in the past — urban and country — its everywhere. I almost feel like there is an underground graffiti school as the art is all so similar. It reminds me of the WWII “killroy was here” graffiti. Rail cars have wonderful graffiti — one can view it as the train passes in front of you at a railroad crossing. I would call it vernacular art for sure.

I do hope you post a follow up report on what transpired at your meeting. Again, a fascinating subject. P.S. What a great study this would be for a M.A. thesis.

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