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Scenes from the O’Fallon Neighborhood

The 4400 Block of Holly Avenue.

Yesterday, we conducted the first of several intensive photographic excursions needed for our survey of the O’Fallon neighborhood. By the time we are done with photography this month, we will have photographed an estimated 1,796 buildings in the area roughly bounded by Newstead/Pope avenue, O’Fallon Park, Warne Avenue, Fairground Park and Natural Bridge Avenue. Our work yesterday took us around the Plymouth Park subdivision just south of O’Fallon Park, where we walked Carter, Clarence, Holly, Red Bud, Harris, Fair and Rosalie avenues.

Next we will write a narrative description of each building. Simultaneous to all of this work, we are examining the city’s building permit records on microfilm to learn the date of construction, cost, designer, builder and original owner of each building. This is a tall order, but needed to create a National Register of Historic Places historic district for the entire O’Fallon neighborhood.

As we work, enjoy some of yesterday’s photographs.

Corner two-part commercial building at Rosalie and Clarence avenues.
The 4400 block of Harris Avenue.

In the 4200 block of Clarence Avenue.
Detail of capital on porch pier, Athlone Avenue.
4300 block of Fair Avenue, with former Southwestern Bell exchange building at far left.
Yeatman School at Carter and Holly avenues.
House in the 4400 block of Red Bud Avenue.
The 4500 block of Fair Avenue.
House in the 4500 block of Clarence Avenue.

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Very nice. The corbelling and cornice on the building on Rosalie is particularly fine. As in, Wow, kind of fine. Nice looking row on Holly, as well. Still alot of love and pride in this neighborhood.

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