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21st Ward Real Estate

by Michael R. Allen

Citizens often complain that St. Louis aldermen are in impediment to selling Land Reutilization Authority (LRA), but Alderman Antonio French (D-21st) is actually trying to help. French has launched a 21st Ward Real Estate website with information about available LRA-owned property in his ward.

Why do people complain? LRA requires a letter of aldermanic support before selling a parcel to an interested buyer, and aldermen often have parcels removed from the sale list when they are needed for community development corporation or private development projects.

LRA also has maintained a rather old-fashioned website with only a handful of properties having photographs. With no dedicated funding for marketing, LRA cannot do more.

That’s fine. Alderman French is showing us that LRA marketing is possible without additional appropriation to LRA. Other aldermen or community groups can — and should — do what French is doing.

2 replies on “21st Ward Real Estate”

This IS a good step forward. The one challenge and hope is that folks will have the funds to finish the house they start. I've seen a lot of nightmares.

But another plus is that the 21st Ward is pretty stable and this move will only stabilize them MORE.

I met Mr. French and he is just what the city needs. Fresh young politicians being more accessible. Bringing new technology to his ward. This will most definitely help rid the community of vacant buildings and also bring a larger tax base to his ward.

I only own property in the ward, too bad I don't live in it. 19th ward is for the birds.

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