Brick Theft North St. Louis St. Louis Place

Another Summer for Brick Thieves

by Michael R. Allen

This summer is no different than others in the past few years for brick thieves. On the 2500 block of West Sullivan in St. Louis Place, the south side of the street has been badly ravaged in the last few weeks.  The north face has already been hit hard.  Of course, there are still occupied houses amid this wanton destruction.

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can’t the police simply plant unmarked (even unmanned) cars with surveillance cameras across the street from properties targeted by brick thieves? they could just use junk cars with web cameras. i know brick thieving isn’t their priority but it does seem like some of this could be prevented/stopped before the buildings become hopeless.

The police don’t care unless the property owners themselves make a complaint.

I have to admit I’ve gotten exhausted covering this criminal behavior; thanks for sticking to it, Michael. We can’t forget that regardless of the fortunes of McKee, the destruction is continuing.

How can this be stopped. The problem is that it isn’t as if these buildings are still being constructed. We have all we are ever going to get. This has to be stopped!

We can’t forget the PEOPLE aspect of this issue. We can’t worship the created more than the createe. We have to get in line and respect the value, beauty, fabric of our bricks and neighborhoods. Bricks don’t rustle bricks…people rustle bricks.

Get it together PEOPLE! Truth of the matter, if we stabalize and get the areas populated, through development, large, small, medium. If we focus more on PRESERVING people, improving the QUALITY OF LIFE, perhaps folks would have never left in the first place! Hmmmmmm, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.

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