North St. Louis O'Fallon

Design Flaw?

While we were writing the building description of this two-flat in the proposed Fairground Park Historic District in the O’Fallon neighborhood, we did a double-take. Is that…? Yes, that is. An owner of this striking building at 4147 W. Kossuth Avenue, built in 1916 by contractor J.W. Jones, covered the open false gable end in mesh to keep birds out. The neighboring building to the west has an identical feature, open, and seems clean. the two buildings to the east have identical features closed-in. So it goes.

One reply on “Design Flaw?”

Boy, the things some folks do to their houses/apts. At least the two examples seen here have the original windows. Handsome buildings, tho’, to be sure. Nice brick work, especially the contrasting buff brick surrounding the windows on our friend in the center, and the matching sleeper/header row underneath the false gable end. And, if I’m not mistaken, the original art glass still resides in the staircase landing on the flat on the right.

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