North St. Louis Northside Regeneration

Eagle Realty’s Other Clients Continue Buying

by Michael R. Allen

A real estate transaction whose warranty deed was recorded September 8 by the Recorder of Deeds may shed some light on the identity of the “mini McKee” buying property across the rest of north city.

The deed involves properties at 4631-33 St. Ferdinand Avenue and 2734 Arlington Avenue (both containing historic buildings) in the Greater Ville, conveyed from SCD Investments LLC to Diligent Property LLC. Those names mean little until one looks at the signatures on the deed:

Signing for SCD Investments LLC is developer Steven Roberts, and signing for Diligent Property LLC is Harvey Noble, vice president of Eagle Realty and incorporator of the company. Noble here is listed as “manager.” Eagle Realty also represents McEagle Properties in its transactions related to the NorthSide project.

Last year, a buyer represented by Noble began buying property under the name Urban Assets LLC. Roberts denies being that buyer. So does McKee.

In February, Noble incorporated six additional companies, only two of which — Diligent and Prudent Investor LLC — have purchased any real estate. All three companies are limiting their purchases to north St. Louis outside of McKee’s NorthSide footprint. Urban Assets owns roughly 225 parcels, while Prudent Investor has one and Diligent has three. Over one-third of these parcels contain buildings.

Noble’s other new companies are Feasible Projects LLC, Incentive Properties LLC, Marketable Property LLC and Premises Property LLC. Who the owners of the companies are remains a mystery.