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Sportsman’s Park, 1931

Sportsman's Park photograph dated October 1, 1931.

A new arrival in our photographic collection is this 1931 photograph of Sportsman’s Park at 2911 North Grand Avenue (at Dodier Avenue, visible at the bottom of the photograph). The grandstand structure shown here dated to 1909 and was demolished in 1966. Much has been written about Sportsman’s Park itself, but what interests us most about this image is the density of the built environment around the ball park.

The Sportsman's Park site, now occupied by the Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club, as it appears on Google maps today.

Here’s a similar view today.

One reply on “Sportsman’s Park, 1931”

Man, I wish old Sportsman’s Park was still around. There is nothing like the neighborhood atmosphere of Wrigley Field, and I’m sure the same could have been said about Sportsman’s Park.

What a shame we had to tear is down and build crappy Busch Stadium. 

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