North St. Louis Northside Regeneration

Trojan Horse?: St. Louis Public Radio Examines NorthSide This Week

by Michael R. Allen

Today, St. Louis Public Radio aired the third story in its four-part series on the NorthSide project. Today’s story by Matt Sepic carefully looks at community concerns about eminent domain and relocation. Part of the story deals with the Trojan Ironworks, an active family-owned maker of steel beams and metal other building components, located in St. Louis Place. McEagle Properties’ Chairman Paul J. McKee, Jr. told an audience of north side residents assembled at Central Baptist Church on May 21 that he would not relocated a single job out of north St. Louis, but would bring many thousands more. Trojan may not have the resources to survive relocation. Sounds like the developer and the small iron works are on the same page.

The entire St. Louis Public Radio series is available online here.