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Two Important Articles on North St. Louis

by Michael R. Allen

Two important articles on north St. Louis went to press this week:

Once again the Riverfront Times‘ Kathleen McLaughlin is a football field ahead of other reporters. In “More North St. Louis Smoke Signals from Paul McKee and McEagle Properties” she not only gets quotes from a McEagle spokesman, she gets this one: “I don’t think there’ve been any decisions made on whether there’s even a project.” This is pivotal information, and unfortunately the RFT buried this story on its blog rather than publish it as a front-pager. Please read it.

In the St. Louis American, Team Four principal William Albinson has a commentary clearing up a lot of the myths surrounding the “Team Four Plan.” Albinson’s conclusion — that the myth is a convenient and polarizing excuse — should resonate with a lot of readers here. Hopefully his words will also provoke readers of the American to rethink the narrative of development in north St. Louis.