Media People

Save William Stage

From Eric Seelig:

Did you ever like Street Talk, the man-on-the-street section in the Riverfront Times? Did you ever like William Stage’s old running column in the days when the RFT had editorials? Now might be a good time to write to the RFT. As you may have read in last week’s issue, William gave a goodbye message at the end of the “Best of Street Talk 2004,” but as I found out last night, this is not his choice, and if possible, he’d like to keep his job with the RFT. The only real reason given for replacing the column is because the higher-ups wanted a new column, and saw getting rid of one that’s been running for 22 years as the only way to accomplish it. I don’t know about you, but I always liked Street Talk, and I don’t see any point to eliminating it except possibly “eliminate personality from the newspaper.” If you’d like to see Street Talk continued in the RFT, or would at least like to see William keeps his job instead of being dropped just because the RFT could, NOTIFY THEM, and tell other people who might be unhappy about this to do likewise: