Clearance McRee Town South St. Louis

The Destruction of McRee Town: December 2004

Photographs taken by Michael R. Allen on December 29, 2004

Views of the 3900 block of Lafayette Avenue

The corner of 39th and Lafayette, seen in the first photograph, was once the southern corner of McRee Town’s bustling 39th Street business district. The only remaining business on 39th Street in McRee Town is the St. Louis Architectural Art Company, which is on the east side of 39th and is unaffected by the clearance. The fences are part of the new development, which will leave all lots along 39th Street empty and enclosed.

“Dead Center”: Lawrence Avenue at McRee Avenue

This was the corner where the neighborhood grocery store stood just a few months earlier. Under the new project, this area will be left open as park space. Yet one assumes that the new residents will be humans and will require food and drink from some source.

Views of the 4000 block of Lafayette Avenue

Five buildings remained on the north side of this block, three of which were still occupied as of December 29, 2004. The twin two-flats below were the occupied, while the other two-flat shown below was unoccupied. Crews were working on tree removal in the 3900 block of Lafayette and were preparing to chop down the trees visible in these photographs.

Views of the 4000 block of McRee Avenue

Views of the 3900 Block of Blaine Avenue

The subdivision started booming in early December. Over six new homes were under construction alongside the three display buildings. People were moving into two of the display townhouse units.