Missouri Legislature Public Policy

Bartle’s Tax Credit Bill Didn’t Get Out of Committee

From Anna Ginsburg, Staff Coordinator of the Missouri Coalition for Historic Preservation and Economic Development:

Senator Matt Bartle’s bill (SB 584) to sunset Missouri tax credits was heard Friday 2/19/10 before the Senate Government Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee. The language from Senator Crowell’s bill SB 728 was attached to SB 584 as an amendment. Crowell’s bill would put 40 Missouri tax credits including Historic’s under the annual budget appropriations process. The committee voted to not send the bill to the Senate Floor by a vote of 4 -3. Senators Days, Schmitt, Schoemyer and Schaffer voted to kill the bill. Senators Purgason, Lembke and Lager voted to pass the bill out.

A second bill introduced by Senator Crowell (SB 890) was heard the Senate Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government Committee. SB 890 places a one year moratorium on low income housing tax credits and Missouri Development Finance Board tax credits. Several other economic development bills have been introduced into this committee and they could be used as vehicles for attaching Crowell’s bill SB 728 or some varation.