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Avalon Theater: Price Reduced

The Avalon as it appeared in August 2009.

The listing price for the Art Deco Avalon Theater at 4225 S. Kingshighway has dropped to $249,900. View the listing here.

Suffering from deterioration since closing in 1999, the 647-seat Avalon is one of the city’s few remaining neighborhood single-screen theaters and part of our early modern past. The Avalon was built in 1937 and designed by A.F. and Arthur Stauder, a prolific father-and-son firm that designed many modern churches in St. Louis (St. Gabriel the Archangel, St. Nicholas).

3 replies on “Avalon Theater: Price Reduced”

I read the listing.  The original price is listed as $249,900.  The current price is listed as $249,900.  That yields a grand total net price drop of – wait for it! – $0.00!  Can you say “motivated seller!?” NOT!

Look closer, “Me”, and you’ll see that’s the “original price” from when the listing was first posted on that particular site a week ago. As people who’ve been following this story know, it had previously been listed elsewhere for $1 million or more:

Jason Toon’s comment has the straight story — this new listing reflects a new, reduced price.  The previous asking price was $750,000.

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