Collapse Gate District South St. Louis

Lafayette Avenue Row House Collapsed

by Michael R. Allen

2804 Lafayette Avenue in November 2010.
2804 Lafayette Avenue today.

As I feared, the row house at 2804 Lafayette Avenue was destabilized by last year’s demolition of its party-wall neighbor and has substantially collapsed. (See “Two for One on Lafayette Avenue”, November 16, 2010.) The forthcoming demolition will leave just one of three connected dwellings standing — hopefully in sound condition.

4 replies on “Lafayette Avenue Row House Collapsed”

This is really sad. At a neighborhood event last year, I remember commenting on the outline of the stairway and the rooms, as demarcated by the wallpaper and floor joist points.

I called it. From my post @ Two for…:”The unsecured and unstable foundation could afford any number of unscrupulous people entrance to this building. Arson, theft (though probably not any thing left to steal) and, of course, the continued deterioration of structure are all possible or probable outcomes”.Congratulations, City Hall nitwits. Chalk up another one for stupidity.

Lafayette Square Restoration should be more concerned about building stabilization than Oscar Newman`s defensible space aka keeping out black people from the east with fences.

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