Downtown I-70 Removal Laclede's Landing

Welcome to St. Louis

View southwest from Second Street at Lucas Avenue on "historic" Laclede's Landing. There's a National Historic Landmark in this photo -- can you spot it?

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Clearly its not the Native American mounds otherwise they would never have torn them all down.

Though the Landing has — over the last two decades — lost a few buildings (some through intention, some through inaction), I still recognize it as an important historic piece of our city. Sure, over 90% of it was burned down then razed for the Archgrounds and sure, over 50% of it today exists as surface parking, but the traces and the silhouette and, most importantly, the stories, are still there.

I foresee big things in the Landing’s future. In eight years, if many of those open lots aren’t replaced with historically-sensitive yet contextually-modern residential and business, I’ll be more than upset. But right now, I can look at that picture above and see a renewed Landing and an eventually complete downtown cityscape from 20th Street all the way down to the River. 

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