North St. Louis O'Fallon

Around Green Lea Place

Late last week our team photographed in the eastern end of O’Fallon on Green Lea Place, Harris Avenue and Clay Avenue. This pocket of the neighborhood is in the Third Ward of the city,while the rest lies in the Twenty-First. As with much of the rest of the center of O’Fallon, the development here is marked by a diversity of forms, periods and materials. There is a notable concentration of frame buildings here. Harrison School at Fair and Green Lea Place, vacant and for sale after an aborted rehab effort, is an anchor.

The influence of Romanesque Revival style is seen in the round arches, corbelling and shaped parapets of this group in the 4100 block of West Green Lea Place.
We find use of bakery and glazed brick patternwork throughout the neighborhood.
On the west face of the 4200 Harris Avenue, three-story houses with three-sided mansard roofs alternate with other brick buildings.


Looking toward Harrison School on the 4100 block of Green Lea Place. At right is a T-shaped gabled frame house with intact wooden porch, adjacent to a row of flat-roofed brick houses with shaped parapets.
The 4100 block of Clay Avenue has strong groups of both frame and brick houses.
The south face of the 4000 block of Green Lea Place just west of Warne also contains a mix of frame and brick houses built between 1880 and 1910.