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Blairmont Associates Owns 1501 Palm Street

by Michael R. Allen

Before the “accident”: April 25, 2005. Photograph by Michael R. Allen.

Demolition began in October 2005 on this rare L-shaped Mansard dwelling at 1501 Palm Street in Old North. Then-owner George Roberts started the work to tear down the building. Thankfully, concerned citizens and the Cultural Resources Office intervened to stop the work in progress. The western wall has been destabilized and sports a gaping hole at the second floor. For some reason, Blairmont Associates LC purchased the house on March 8, 2006. Suffice to say that Blairmont has not repaired the wall or even boarded over the hole. The shadow partners of Blairmont probably have never seen the building. In September 2006, the tin cornice fell off after months of being poised to fall.

The house on September 26, 2006. Photograph by Claire Nowak-Boyd.

And so goes another great building in a neighborhood that had so many only to have so few.

Blairmont Associates can be reached through their agents at Eagle Realty Company: 314-421-1111.