Groundbreaking for Modular Homes in St. Louis Place

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4 Responses to Groundbreaking for Modular Homes in St. Louis Place

  1. Jason Stokes says:

    Wow. I’d buy one of those for a much higher price if given the opportunity. Sounds great.

  2. Douglas Duckworth says:

    Would be cheaper with higher density.

  3. John W. says:

    This particular stretch on Dodier is acceptably dense, but yes with systems of prefabrication, higher density is cheaper. It’s better urban form as well, but I’ll applaud the progress that is made both with investment in the neighborhoods of north St. Louis, and with the proliferation of prefab architecture.

  4. also add – just cause i’m out and about, it doesn’t mean my house is empty or robbable lol

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