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MHDC Approves Two Major North St. Louis Projects

by Michael R. Allen

Last Friday, the Missouri Housing Development Commission met and approved financing for two projects involving large historic buildings in north St. Louis.

The former Blind Girls Home at 5235 Page (1908; J. Hal. Lynch, architect) will receive 4% low-income housing tax credits for Places for Page. Places for People states that the residents of the building will be “individuals living with severe mental illness who can and want to live independently, but who may need the attention and support provided by on-site staff.” Places for Page is a project that would not happen without these credits, and not devised by a developer because of the incentive program (some applications seem to be, but usually aren’t approved).

The second major north side project involving a large historic landmark approved last week was the James Clemens House at 1849 Cass Avenue (1860-1896; Patrick Walsh and Aloysius Gillick, architects). McEagle Properties and Robert Wood Realty requested and received approval for MHDC to issue tax-exempt bonds for the rehabilitation of the buildings into senior apartments as well as museum space. The Clemens House, at long last, will be rehabilitated!

3 replies on “MHDC Approves Two Major North St. Louis Projects”

Very exciting news for both of these projects. Looking forward to construction beginning – I’m sure neither will have any problem leasing and will bring much needed stabilization to both neighborhoods. Sounds like the Academy neighborhood assn. is very eager to see the Blind Girls Home restored and occupied.

Yes indeed, excellent and exciting news for both. It’s time for us all to celebrate, those who really LOVE St. Louis. People just have to have FAITH!!! When we put our energy towards good, good happens. It is a process to bring these things to fruition. Clemens is going to be done right and be the diamond that it once was. The chapel is going to offer an opportunity to further engage the community. The front brick fence is going to be inviting. I hope we broadcast this forward march with a very loud voice. Northside Regeneration still remains a step in the right direction for the northside.

Large development, small development, onesies, fifty at a time, united, they will fill in the large gaps and vacuum that has remained for far too long!

The building on Page is a diamond as well. Time to celebrate and applaud for progress!

Great news! The North Side, despite decades of neglect and demolition, still has more amazing architecture packed into it then many entire cities in the country. These restored historic buildings will serve as as anchors for the neighborhoods around them, and will be a beacon of hope and progress for the 21st century.

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