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Operation Brightside Blitz Days

by Michael R. Allen

Juniata Street looking east toward Roosevelt High School in Tower Grove East.


Dodier Street west of Leffingwell Avenue in St. Louis Place.

The two blocks pictured here both were part of today’s Operation Brightside Blitz Day. My neighbors and I were out working on our block this morning. Since there is no such thing as a self-cleaning city, citizen cleaning is essential to keeping blocks looking lovely. Government provides the basic services, but citizens create quality of life. We have to be active stewards of our houses and our blocks. No one is going to clean our alleys and sidewalks for us, even in the most ideal world. There are Blitz days coming up in other areas of the city and you should do your part. There’s nothing more rewarding than working with neighbors to make St. Louis look beautiful!

2 replies on “Operation Brightside Blitz Days”

No one except me did any cleaning up on my block. Everyone just sat outside and yelled and screamed and sold drugs.

Ha, it's funny but although I regularly pick up trash etc off side of streets in my neighborhood anytime my neighbors have seen me they say
1) they use to do it but it's a loosing battle
2) think it's nasty/dirty and I am some sort of eccentric do gooder.

But you are right, i am a firm believer in the need for citizen involvement period. It is one of the driving motivations behind me trying to get more involved (and seated on) some local advisory boards..

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