North St. Louis Old North Rehabbing

The View at Home

by Michael R. Allen

Here is the view from the south window of the third floor of our house. From here, I can see nineteenth century houses and tenements, the downtown skyline and the Arch, the spires of St. Liborius and Zion Lutheran churches, the tall smokestack of the former Columbia Brewery and, off in the far distance at night, the beacon of the Continental Life Building. This is one of the best views I’ve enjoyed in the city, and it’s here at home.

Of course, all of the winter rain has penetrated our weak roof membranes — soon to be replaced, but that promise doesn’t stop a leak. The continuing pileup of snow will lead to a cold day Saturday when I will have to sweep the roofs to minimize water penetration when the snow melts. Ah, well — for now there is this view!