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This Building Matters #2: James Clemens, Jr. House

On Christmas Eve, we visited a hallowed site in our city’s architectural heritage: the James Clemens, Jr. House. The condition of the house and its still-evident beauty moved Steven Fitzpatrick Smith, who joined us for the visit. As the video shows, the condition of the Clemens House continues to worsen. Yet we cannot let this treasure be lost.

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This whole thing makes me quite sick to my stomach. I really wonder if (if funds were raised) the building could be bought back from McKee. The assessed value of the address isn’t that high… Granted enough to also redo the roof would also have to be raised… but I really do think it’s a feasible thing. By the way, my neighbor contacted St. Louis Public Radio about doing a piece on the Clemens Mansion and they said they will be. They’re just going to check out the mansion prior to get a firsthand look at how much it’s deteriorated since they last aired a story about it.

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