LRA North St. Louis Old North

Volunteers Needed for LRA Project

Need: Anyone who can walk, drive, write or talk and wants to do something about LRA building conditions on the near north side.

What: Old North residents and student volunteers are doing a survey of LRA building conditions in the “Murphy-Blair” historic district. Instead of complaining bit-by-bit as each new problem arises, we want to present LRA with one professional work write-up, with contractor bids and dollar figures. All LRA would have to do is write a check and issue a press release, what could be better?

Why should you volunteer outside of your neighborhood?: Hate the way our beautiful old buildings are rotting? We have concocted a “proactive” plan and want to give it a try. If it works it could be used as a model for YOUR neighborhood.

How: You will be paired up with one other volunteer. The team will get a short list of addresses, a form to fill out for each LRA address, and a map. You can take just one address or more if you like. Go out to the address, complete the paperwork, bring it back to the office for the data entry girl.

Who: Organized by Old North St. Louis Restoration Group, with help from Washington University engineering students. We hope to provide enough city dwellers to pair up with the students one-to-one. The student group is called Engineers without Borders.

When: Saturday morning or afternoon (arrive anytime between 8am-12pm, work for half an hour or longer, wrap up by mid-afternoon). If you are going to the rehabber’s club meeting, you could stop by either before or after!

Where: meet in Old North St Louis at the Urban Studio on 14th St (across from the ONLSRG office). The address is 2815 N 14th Street, St. Louis, MO 63106