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Tax Credit Review Commission Recommendations

Governor Jay Nixon’s Tax Credit Review Commission has approved the recommendation that the Missouri State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit’s annual cap be lowered from around $161 million to $75 million. Other changes included in the final recommendations are disallowing combination of the historic tax credit with the Neighborhood Preservation and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit.

The Missouri Coalition for Historic Preservation and Economic Development has posted an article that outlines how these recommendations ended up being passed after the Subcommittee on Historic Tax Credits made completely different recommendations. Read that article here.

2 replies on “Tax Credit Review Commission Recommendations”

$75 million? May as well not be a tax credit. Jay-boy, I didn’t know you were as dumb as a Republican. Well, ya’ learn something new everyday. Note to self: Never vote for a guy named Jeremiah. Sure sign of dimwittery.

Hey now, we are cutting the guvment spending in order to po’tect our freedoms at home and on a broad. My ability to spend my personal dollars at Walgreens should not be reconstrained by the hands of big brother and little sister. We need to CUT taxes and LOWER spending so the private corporations can reinvest in our City, like they have been doing since my cousin lost his job at General Motors. Look at all of the big businessmen we got downtown from those reducing taxes! Education, my friend education. Open a Charter School. We need more progress and less bureaucrats! Let the invisible hand of Adam Smith guide the way to freedom, out of our deadweight loss an deadbeat govment!

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