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Step Away From the “Like” Button And Write A Check Already: Brickstarting a Rehab in Old North

by Emily Kozlowski

One of these things is not like the others. 1316 North Market Street, at left, needs help.

Here is a chance to actively participate in preserving a part of St. Louis. Old North Saint Louis
Restoration Group (ONSLRG) recently bought this three-story, brick structure at 1316 North Market from the Land Reutilization Authority (LRA). In 2005 there were vacant lots on either side of the building. Today, there are newly built homes surrounding it. Preserving this building would retain the urban past of the block and maintain the positive momentum that the community has been building in the area.

In 2009 ONSLRG purchased this building along with eight other vacant buildings, three of which have been sold and the rest stabilized for their future rehab endeavors. There is a small amount of history that is known regarding the building. 1316 North Market was owned by the Meinholtz family as early as 1910 through the 1940’s. Herman Meinholtz was the Vice President and Superintendent of the Heine Safety Boiler Company of St. Louis. Both Herman and his son attended Washington University to study engineering.

1316 North Market Street back in December 2004.

The exterior of 1316 North Market is largely intact but the interior is where the real work begins. Nearly destroyed with water damage, some sections of floor have fallen through to the basement and the brick walls have shifted. As extreme as they sound, these are common problems in rehabilitating vacant buildings. Buildings in this state are fully capable of being rebuilt — but with help.

Everything old is new again, if we make it so. Rendering provided as a possible new look by the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group.

The Brickstarter Campaign is asking for donations of any kind – cash, labor, materials, etc. No donation is too small. The current task is to stabilize, which can be done within a range of $5,000-$50,000. The better the stabilization, the easier it is to complete a full renovation later. Donations can be made online at via paypal (be sure to note that the donation is for 1316 N Market), by check (made payable to “Old North Rehab Properties LLC” and mailed to 2700 N. 14th Street, St. Louis, MO 63106), or by cash in person. If you would like to make a donation of materials, please contact them at

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For a full renovation it’s probably somewhere around $400,000 depending on finishes. That’s based on a construction cost of $100 per square foot and 4,000 square feet. Depending on contractor selection and how much sweat equity is used if a private owner does that full rehab that price could vary considerably up or down. We have created a page on our website for updates to the Brickstarter project. It can be found at

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